A "smart application" that animates the proposals for nutritional care from the book "Thin ... positive"

Let the application coach your diet and be the dietician of yourself!

“Diet coaching” is a "smart application" which animates all the proposals for an adequate nutrition from the book "Thin ... positive - Secrets to control hunger and nutrition" of the dietician -nutritionist Evangelos Zoumbaneas and applies them through many balanced and delicious suggestions or recipes.
The ideas and the recipes especially emphasize on the creation of a "Smart Meal Plate" based both on the years of Mr. Zoumbaneas long professional experience and on enriched delicious ideas made by the suggestions of his colleagues.
All the recommendations are based on the Mediterranean diet plan, giving extra flavor and color to the everyday life through an imaginative application.
You can now download the basic demo application for free and start planning your daily diet schedule, simply by creating adequately combined meals, from breakfast to dinner.
Each user has now multiple food choices in his hand to create his personal daily menu with many ideas and recipes for everyday use. According to his appetite, each one can choose a food item of his desire and use it to make a complete meal plate or light snack, ensuring both good nutrition and positive attitude, which further implies to good health and proper body weight.
Read carefully the Manual of the application, follow the instructions and...
Schedule all the meals of all your day with adequate and balanced combinations…

  • You can choose any food items you have available and give to the application the ability to choose for you the proper recipe or idea based on the available ingredients
  • If you like, you can even choose one of the many recipes available in the application for each of your meals
  • Allow the app to guide you how to create well combined meals
  • Select the time preferred to eat your meals, allowing the app to send you a reminder in time, according to your plan for meal or snack consumption
  • Organize all your weekly diet and planned ahead of time of all your meals
  • Save your favorite recipes, so as you can often include them in the daily diet menu, you create for yourself
  • If you desire, you are able to send me an e-mail with individually each day’s whole diet plan or keep it for yourself as an excellent food consumption dairy
  • Use it in order to enjoy any future pleasurable ideas and recipes from all over the Greece and the world, constantly upgrading and enriching the variety of your diet
  • Upload your favorite recipes and ideas on the social media and share the experience of the app with your friends #dietcoachingapp


Let the application coach your diet and be the dietician of yourself! By completing the forms given with some details about yourself, your very own personal dietitian is for now on in your hand.
You can build step by step your own nutritional program, making "triads" for the main meals and "dyads" for intermediate snacks.
Choose a meal, for example start with the "Breakfast", by clicking on the name of the meal. Then, all you have to do is to choose a "food" from the category of "protein", "starch", "fruits / vegetables', selecting either a" food "or a "recipe" for each "food" category or you can also choose a recipe from the proposals below, according to the materials selected. Then press "Save" and you have create a balanced meal according to your personal tastes of each moment! If you have selected a recipe or a food combination from the proposals, the prescription of its execution, the materials needed and the "photo" of the recipe, will appear bellow.
Accordingly, for the intermediate snacks, you have to follow the same procedure, selecting either a "food" or a "recipe" for "starch" and an item for "fruits/vegetables."
So easily you can take care of yourself, nourishing you appropriately and achieving health of body and mind and an ideal body figure. Do not forget occasionally to check for updates by selecting "settings" at the bottom of the application and "check for updates".
The choices and recipes for a healthy and delicious diet plan never end!