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Published: 25th October, 2013

Format: Paperpack, Epub

ISBN13:9789605664183 (GR)
9789609968089 (ENG)

Language:Greek, English

The acclaimed dietician and author Evangelos Zoumbaneas in his new book, presents everything he has collected through decades of experience. In the pages of the book:

  • He highlights the need for intake of foods with high nutritional value, reveals which they are and how one can build a healthy diet.
  • He gives the properties of each category of food in the most practical manner and explains why it is necessary to consume them and not only because they are prerscribed by physicians,nutritionists or some pundit.
  • He provides the public and nutritionists with a useful tool.The latter will receive the experience of decades and of thousands of cases as a distilate of the collected data which actually work and get results.
  • He trains us in the use of food, through the understanding of dietary choices and enables us to do so in an easy and simple way.
  • And finally, he answers the basic question: ''What should I eat to be healthy and thin?''
Because Health itself, contains the properties of the concept of normal weight. The approach covers the major part of the population and will help many people to make a huge leap in a quality life, with the application of the latest scientific developments in the areas of health and nutrition It's a study that contributes significantly to the greek and international bibliography of the dietary field.

This book is a co-publication with the Educational centre of Eating Disorders -KEAΔΔ.